Who We Are...

Here at The Chic Fox, we are about bringing style and comfort together.

We are Colorado proud women owned company! So we locally owned and operated.

So that's why our focus is on making every single women feel beautiful in her own body. So we have every type of women who wants to model be apart of our ambassador team!

Come be a part of our Chic family today!

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  • Our Positive message!!

    There is so much negativity around body types today.

    We want to break that mold, and have every women love how her body looks.

    So we focus on lifting each other up. By showing what different sizes looks like on women in our clothes.

  • Get your model on!!

    Here at The Chic Fox we want to show what each piece looks like on a different person.

    So we want to showcase every kind of women that is out there!

    Come volunteer to be a model today!